Makers of Ice Age will produce film Spore

The team behind Ice Age is in association with 20th Century Fox to work to make an animated film based on evolution game Spore. That is to say the least remarkable, because in Spore no story is processed.

The plans are not quite as a surprise, because even before the release of Spore creator Will Wright gave all that publisher Electronic Arts that would like to make some movies about the game. The film will be directed by the team behind Ice Age and the development of the script they can count on the help of two Disney-writers.

Electronic Arts and Maxis will also help in making the film. Many gamers (and movie fans) are relieved when they see that the whole project is no sign of Uwe Boll, officially the world’s worst director, who often deals with the filming of games.

"I’m always looking for unique worlds to animate. From every perspective visual, and thematic content, the world of Spore has the potential to deliver something really original to the big screen," said director Chris Wedge on project. The timing of the news is not entirely a coincidence, because next week two new games from the Spore franchise in the shelves: Spore and Spore for the Wii Hero Arena Hero sees the light of the Nintendo DS.


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