A grandmother sold on eBay

Among the many "old stuff" sold on the platform of eBay auctions, we found it recently, including a Grandma wanted to get rid apparently his granddaughter.

With the introduction of computers and Internet in households and schools handle children more easily and earlier and earlier computers. Using his experience in the field, Zoe Pemberton, a young British 10 years, decided to Marion Goodall, grandmother aged 61 years, available on the platform of online auction eBay.

n the ad she has concocted for the occasion on which several people responded (…), the girl was describing a granny fan of crosswords and an affectionate nature, but sometimes annoying. By late afternoon, the best offer amounted to 1 000 pounds.

Even if they liked the little touch of humor, the ad is not real and the granny who was warned before being put online, eBay officials had to remove the ad because it does not meet the conditions for using the platform of the auction.

Beyond the little joke, we may still wonder what could expect those who responded to the announcement, the best bid which reaches 20 541 pounds.


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