Symantec Platform Helps Customers Build and Manage Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Symantec Corp. today announced Symantec FileStore, a new solution
enabling organizations to build scalable, high-performance file-based storage
services for their enterprise, including private and public clouds. Now
available, FileStore can uniquely manage and protect critical information,
maximize system performance and scale performance and capacity non-disruptively
as application needs change. Organizations of any size wanting to leverage
private clouds for the benefits of availability and the ability to manage large
volumes of data can reduce their costs with a platform-independent software
solution combined with commodity hardware.

Symantec currently deploys FileStore as the file-based storage architecture
in its own cloud services, with more than 40 petabytes of online storage for
more than nine million active users – the largest SaaS storage environment in
the world. Symantec also leverages Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows and
Veritas Cluster Server to manage this backup storage. With FileStore, Symantec
delivers reliable, high-performance online backup services at a fraction of the
cost by driving up storage utilization rates and eliminating planned downtime
required to scale performance, capacity or daily administration tasks.

With FileStore, organizations can add or remove storage dynamically without
taking systems offline. FileStore integrates natively with Symantec’s leading
security and information management solutions, including Symantec NetBackup and
Symantec Endpoint Protection. These services run directly on the FileStore
nodes, thereby reducing performance bottlenecks, enhancing security and
simplifying operations by eliminating the requirement for additional server and
storage resources for backup and security.
A single FileStore system scales up to 16 nodes, and 2 PB of total storage.
Although these maximums are impressive, the product is designed to scale from
entry-level configurations in affordable increments that match the IT
organization’s need and budget. A simple implementation process self-deploys and
self-configures based on just a few administrator-provided parameters, yet meets
the performance requirements of demanding large-file applications such as
medical imaging and geophysical exploration.

FileStore takes advantage of Symantec’s market-leading cross-platform file
system that provides the cornerstone of an effective computing environment,
which began 20 years ago with the first journaled UNIX file system, Veritas
Storage Foundation, and has continued to evolve with Veritas Cluster File
System. FileStore provides a consistent foundation between traditional storage
models and new private cloud models, designed to increase scalability to support
multi-petabyte applications, while also significantly enhancing the resiliency
of storage environments and keeping storage capital and operational costs

Pricing and Availability

Symantec FileStore is available immediately and pricing begins at $6,995 USD
for two nodes and two CPU sockets.

Supporting Quotes

“Our ISE technology is helping to deliver on the promises of cloud computing,
as the cloud is becoming more of a reality for many of our customers. However,
new technologies will be required to help them navigate potential challenges and
maximize ROI, security and efficiency during and after the transition,” said
Mike Hoch, vice president of Xiotech, an innovator in data storage. “With
FileStore, Symantec is providing enterprises with a great set of tools to
deliver their own storage services, and we look forward to providing our joint
customers with solutions that reduce storage operation and management costs and
enable storage in the cloud.”

“As a growing number of enterprises look for ways to improve storage
efficiency and reduce management complexity of their growing environments, they
look to leverage storage architecture designs already deployed by storage
service and public cloud providers. In evaluating their options, enterprise
storage managers must consider the cost, scalability, availability,
manageability and performance of any solution that will serve as the foundation
for file-based storage services,” said Noemi Greyzdorf, IDC Research Manager.
“With FileStore, Symantec is poised to deliver a platform that will provide the
essential infrastructure to address the evolving demands of enterprise storage

“FileStore delivers new innovations in storage architecture driven largely by
Internet, service provider and SaaS companies. By combining commodity hardware
with high-value storage software, these companies are creating file-based
storage architectures with equivalent performance and availability and at even
larger scales than enterprises—but for a fraction of the cost,” said Jeff Reed,
vice president of clustered storage at Symantec. “By leveraging our own online
storage solutions and data center and infrastructure technologies and
experiences, we are able to offer enterprises FileStore—the flexible,
high-performance file services platform that organizations need to ensure that
their public and private clouds are secure, available and cost effective."


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