Gigabyte accuses Asus of cheating

Major motherboard maker Gigabyte has hit out at its competitor Asus accusing of it cheating on 925X/915X scores.The allegation is that Asus 925X/915P series motherboards score much higher in some 3D graphics performance tests. In a media release, Gigabyte said “we have found that Asus has been doing some cheating”.

Gigabyte claims that “out of curiosity” it tested the Asus PSAD2 Premium board and discovered a setting called Peg Link Mode. “This setting clandestinely oveclocks the frequency of memory and core engines of ATI based PCI Express Graphics,” Gigabyte alleged.”It was also found that Peg Link Mode is not an enhancement feature for [the] motherboard, as it provides enhancement only to the graphics card’s memory and core engine frequency, ostensibly with the sole purpose to obtain higher benchmark results on 3D graphics”.

Gigabyte further claims the special setting hasn’t been revealed to the public or the media.”[It] is misleading to the public, seeks an unfair means to gain an advantage over the competition, and frankly sets a bad example which competitors may be forced to follow,” said Gigabyte. “We urge all motherboard manufacturers to adhere to common professional standards of providing full disclosure of and special systems settings or modifications to the public, media, or review publications so that the consumer can make an educated purchase,” it said.
Asus has not commented on the allegations so far.

News source: The Inquirer


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