F-Secure to provide security to online customers

Whether its customers are flying for business or pleasure, Finnair is
committed to providing the most reliable and secure travel experience
possible. This commitment now also extends to the online world and
computer security through a partnership with F-Secure.

Most Finnair customers are using computers before, during and after
their flights. Many also go online at some point during their journey,
for example when they are reserving tickets, working on a business
document or sharing photographs with family and friends from a
memorable holiday.

Booking tickets and making online purchases require a secure Internet
connection and constant protection against the evolving online threats.
Safeguarding the valuable content stored on computers is also a major
concern, especially when travelling.

Online security is clearly more important than ever, which is why
Finnair is teaming up with Internet security specialists F-Secure –
another Finnish company dedicated to reliable service and providing the
best possible customer experience. 

Security for online life and protection for valuable content

Starting on November 1, 2009, F-Secure Internet Security 2010 and
F-Secure Online Backup will be available online from the Finnair Plus
Shop, where Finnair Plus customers can use the points they have
collected as part of the payment.

F-Secure Internet Security 2010 is a complete security solution for
Finnair customers’ online life. It makes sure that surfing the Web,
online banking and shopping, e-mail, and other online activities are
done securely.

F-Secure Online Backup automatically protects all the content stored on
a computer by making a copy of the content to a secure location online.
If a computer breaks down or is lost, all the backed up files can still
be easily accessed from a Web portal, anywhere in the world. This means
permanent security for crucial work documents, precious family photos
and all the other irreplaceable content stored on a computer. With
F-Secure Online Backup, Finnair’s customers will never lose an
important file again.


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