LCD TV Toshiba Regza 55×1

Japan’s Toshiba has launched its Regza 55×1.

Toshiba announced in Japan a new TV, the Regza 55×1 first television to have a Cell processor at its core. The Cell architecture achieves performance about 143 times higher than the bullets of the previous generation of TV Regza.


Toshiba announces an interface much more fluid than what is being done so far, a strong point when you know the slowness of some current solutions. But that’s not all, while several other manufacturers can connect to sites such as Facebook through widgets, the Japanese manufacturer goes further by allowing full navigation via the integrated Opera browser. It can display YouTube videos in near-Full HD. This TV is of course compatible DLNA.

The Cell would also be used to improve the image quality of this TV 55 inch (Full HD). The brightness is such independently managed over 512 separate areas. Toshiba announces a maximum value of 1250 cd / m², or 2.5 times more than conventional TV. The brightness and colors will be automatically settled through profiles and a light sensor. Note also the contrast ratio dynamic huge 5 000 000:1. Toshiba announces a video processing to 240 Hz is obtained by combining the ClearScan technology with LED lighting improved.

The Regza 55×1 measure 133.3 x 96.3 x 40.2 inches and a weight of 44 kilograms. However, a small box of 10 kg this is beside the monitor. It contains the tuner TNT but also a hard drive 3 to. Much (2 TB) of capacity is used for time-shift mode, which records 26 hours of programs simultaneously on eight channels TNT. The total consumption of all reached 460 watts!

Toshiba Regza 55×1 its launch in Japan in early December. The price is not yet known, but it will undoubtedly would be quite high. The presence of the Cell should improve the multimedia capabilities of the TV and ergonomics. This is however at the expense of weight and consumption of this Regza …


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