SiBEAM’s Chipsets Accelerate WirelessHD Market Adoption

SiBEAM, the leading innovator of 60GHz wireless solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communication platforms, today unveiled its second generation 60GHz chipsets based on the WirelessHDA specification at CEATEC Japan. Following the success and widespread adoption of its award-winning first generation high performance WirelessHD chipsets, this latest achievement keeps the company in the industry lead as the only option for high quality lossless 1080p Full HD video in the world. Major technical breakthroughs in the new chipsets also serve to boost and simplify CE manufacturer accessibility and WirelessHD product development.

The second generation consists of low cost, low power transmitter and receiver chipsets, each including an RF IC and network processor. The SB9220 Network Processor and the SB9210 RF Transmitter may be designed into devices such as A/V receivers, home theater-in-a-box systems, Blu-ray players, set-top-boxes and media center PCs. The SB9221 Network Processor and the SB9211 RF Receiver chipset may be used in digital televisions, monitors and front projectors. SiBEAM’s second generation includes all of the revolutionary features of the first generation plus the following advanced features:

  • Low cost, mass adoption price points
  • Lower power consumption – ideal for CE systems via the elimination of the need for active cooling
  • Smaller form factor – suitable for inclusion in super slim DTV panels and smaller profile devices, such as Blu-ray players and notebook PCs
  • 3D video support
  • Integrated HDMI and LVDS
  • Support for the latest versions of HDMI, HDCP and DTCP standards
  • Worldwide regulatory approvals
  • Backchannel (LR)-audio for enhanced surround sound capability

These features greatly assist CE and PC manufacturers by reducing overall system cost and optimizing video quality.
As with its first generation chipsets, SiBEAM’s second generation transmitter and receiver chipsets employ SiBEAM’s OmniLink60 advanced adaptive beam-forming systems. These systems dynamically steer content to the specific receiving station, maintaining stable connectivity regardless of any obstacles that may obstruct its path, all while delivering the highest quality wireless video. Additionally, OmniLink60’s high speed Microarray™ antennas enable efficient use of power for better reception and longer distance at a higher bandwidth. By operating at 60GHz, the chipsets do not interfere with Wi-Fi 802.11g, 802.11n, and cordless telephone systems operating at 2.4 and 5GHz. All SiBEAM chipsets offer data rates 20 times faster than other available options and remain the only wireless technology that can achieve 4Gbps over the air.

"As the first to deliver 60GHz WirelessHD chipsets, our second generation solution continues to be the top choice of CE manufacturers worldwide," said John LeMoncheck, President and CEO of SiBEAM, Inc. "We’re proud to deliver these chipsets that come as a result of major breakthroughs. SiBEAM has set a new industry record as the first to deliver a 65 nanometer (nm) 60GHz design, enabling a significant reduction in cost, size and power. This critical advancement makes it even easier to design into consumer electronic products, a key advantage for our customers as they develop for and reach the mass market."

In order to support second generation development, the SK9200TXRX WirelessHD Development Kit is available for consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers and network infrastructure providers to integrate into their next generation wireless communications product lines. The SK9200TXRX WirelessHD Development Kit includes the WirelessHD reference design with transmit and receive capability, as well as full documentation including the user guide, schematics, bill of materials, Gerber files, host side reference firmware and application notes to implement the design.


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