Doom 3:ATI’s Catalyst still long way to go..

ATI is making Catalyst 4.9 alpha drivers available for Doom 3 benchmarketeers and Inquirer’s US friends have already tested them here.

Those drivers are actually called 8.05 as well and they perform better then the previous one on Doom 3, but both Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra and GT are faster then Radeon X800XT Platinum fastest of all X800s.

ATI looks much better with these drivers but Nvidia is still faster. As for the 9800XT, these drivers make it little slower or a bit faster then FX 5950 Ultra while 6800 standard is kicking both of their bottoms. The 6800 standard is much faster than both of the cards.

In the mainstream, the Radeon 9600XT is doing fine against FX 5700 Ultra – sometimes marginally slower sometimes marginally faster – while the FX 5750 is way slower then both.Nvidia’s strategy to put Doom 3 feature in its silicon finally paid off after a year of delay.

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