IBM Information Archive To Help Businesses Manage Explosive Data Growth

IBM unveiled
plans for a new Smart Business System called IBM Information Archive, a
universal archiving repository for all types of content that addresses
the complete information retention needs of midsize and enterprise
clients faced with managing an increasing volume of information.

key contributions from IBM Research, System Storage and Tivoli, IBM
Information Archive leverages IBM’s expertise in designing systems to
address clients’ needs by combining fast accessible disk with low-cost
tape within a single archive pool to enable businesses to deploy an
archive strategy that minimizes total cost of ownership over the life
of the archived information.  It also incorporates deduplication and
compression techniques to optimize storage capacity and improve

Its architecture brings together IBM’s General Parallel File System
technology, Tivoli Storage Manager and patent-pending Enhanced Tamper
Protection to offer a high performance, high scalability, and secure
platform that can be accessed in a private Cloud computing environment,
even if the data is stored on tape media. 

The need for archiving information is on the rise, driven by data
growth, regulatory compliance, legal discovery and data protection.
With ever-increasing requirements surrounding the long-term retention
of information, organizations are looking for advanced archiving
technologies to manage information throughout its lifecycle. 

The IBM Information Archive is designed for archiving a broad range
of electronic based records, including e-mail, digital images,
databases, applications, instant messages, account records, contracts
or insurance claim documents, and other types of storage records.
Information Archive will also be supported by a number of IBM software
applications for email, content, data and report archiving including
IBM Optim Data Growth Solution, IBM Content Collector and other
Enterprise Content Management offerings.

Information Archive is also the first data retention solution to
offer a choice of data protection levels to meet multiple archiving
requirements.  Three customizable archive collections can be created
within a single system and each collection can be configured with
different retention policies and protection levels to meet specific
retention needs, including business, legal, or regulatory.  In
addition, multiple access methods using industry-standard protocols
provide quick and easy deployment of the solution.  

“In today’s dynamically changing environment, businesses are faced
with managing a data juggernaut, and archiving that information and
doing it cost effectively is a challenge,” says Al Zollar, general
manager, IBM Tivoli Software. “The IBM Information Archive leverages
IBM’s strengths in software, disk and tape to deliver a solution that
will help clients manage their information infrastructure needs.” 

IBM Information Archive is the first offering announced as part of
IBM’s unified archiving strategy, IBM Smart Archive.  This
comprehensive approach combines IBM software, systems and service
capabilities and is designed to help clients to extract value and gain
new intelligence from the vast amounts of information by collecting,
organizing, analyzing, trusting and leveraging that information. 
Beginning with IBM Information Archive, IBM’s Smart Archive offerings
will deliver a comprehensive set of archiving solutions in a unified
and integrated strategy that maximizes customer value.


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