ASUS responds to Gigabyte’s accusations

MOBO MAKER Asustek said that its PEG (PCI Express Graphics) link mode, competitor Gigabyte described as “a cheat” earlier this week, is really an outstanding feature that makes its competitors “marvel”.

Asus said PEG “is a unique feature that enables users to boost graphics card performance for superior video quality”.The P5AD2 Premium and P5GD2 Premium Asus mobos “received unparalleled testing reviews from world renowed IT media”, said Asus. “Many competitors marveled at how the two new Asus motherboards achieved such excellent results,” Asus continued in a press statement.

“Marvelled” isn’t exactly how Gigabyte put it. It claimed that PEG Link Mode “clandestinely overclocks the frequency of memory and core engines of ATI based PCI Express graphics”.Asus said that PEG “has received a lot of interest recently”. It said it lets users raise GPU and VGA memory using the motherboard BIOS “the same way system bus and memory bus are tweaked”.

PEG gives five settings: auto, slow, normal, fast and faster. It says that the Asus boards allow front side bus overclocking up to 278MHz “while others can’t even break the 12% limitation of 224Mhz”.

News source: TheInquirer


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