Ultrasone Debuts HFI Headphone with the Open-backed HFI-2400

Ultrasone Inc., distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, is proud to announce the release of its flagship HFI Series headphone – the HFI-2400. With the debut of the HFI-2400, Ultrasone has designed an eye-catching black and silver, open-backed headphone that satisfies the highest of listening demands.

The HFI-2400s are the flagship headphones in Ultrasone’s famed HFI Series. Distinguished by its airy tone and its modern and elegant design, the HFI-2200s 40mm gold-plated driver provides the finest of three-dimensional sound thanks to Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic™ technology. The HFI-2400 comes outfitted with MU Metal shielding, similar to all other Ultrasone headphones, which reduces the amount of magnetic radiation emitted from standard headphones, up to 98%.

Each HFI-2400 comes with a removable three-meter long, straight cable with 6.3 millimeter gold-plated stereo plug, a velvet carrying bag and the Ultrasone demo CD.

HFI Series
Classical enjoyment at home, listen to your favorite music while on the go, or capitalizing on all of the acoustical facilities of a computer game – just a few examples of the many uses of the HFI Series from Ultrasone. All of the headphones are aligned with the individual needs of the listening community. From the ultra-light and small HFI-15G, designed for mobile applications, to the headphones exclusively designed for home and studio use, to the new open HFI-2400, at Ultrasone, everyone finds their favorite headphone.


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