D-Link Now Offers 1 TB Drives with NAS

D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumers and business, today began selling its popular 4-Bay ShareCenter network attached storage (NAS) enclosure with two one-terabyte hard disk drives included.

Customers now have the option to purchase the D-Link 4-Bay ShareCenter (DNS-343) by itself and supply their own hard drives, or with two 1TB SATA drives included as a bundle. D-Link also is now shipping the 2-Bay ShareCenter Network Storage (DNS-323) enclosure with a 1TB hard drive.

"Our customers have asked us to offer drives with our enclosures so they can enjoy the convenience of an ‘out-of-box experience,’" said Lou Reda, vice president, North America Consumer Product Development for D-Link Systems in Fountain Valley, Calif. "We are pleased to be able to meet their needs with these quality storage solutions, and give them the freedom to purchase more drives of their choice to fill up the drive bays and round out their storage environment."

D-Link ShareCenter enclosures, with drives from major disk manufacturers pre-installed, allow users to expand storage capacity and enable securing and sharing of documents, files and digital media, such as music, photos and video across a home or office network. At the same time, the storage enclosures provide advanced technology to perform file backup and proper data recovery to prevent data loss.

Other key features include a fast Gigabit Ethernet connection, built-in FTP server for accessing files through the Internet, built-in UPnP audio visual (UPnP AV) media servers for streaming digital content to compatible media players, and RAID 1 technology for mirroring important files.

Both the DNS-323 and 343 have the ability to act as a print server by using the device’s universal serial bus (USB) port. A USB printer can be added to the network without the need for a dedicated computer.

As part of the D-Link Green family, ShareCenter implements innovative power-saving features. The USB port also can support uninterruptible Universal Power Supply (UPS) monitoring that would safely shut the enclosure down during an extended power outage and automatically power on the enclosure when power resumes. Both devices spin down the drives during inactivity and use smart fans that conserve energy by automatically regulating their speed and running only when needed.

Pricing and Availability
D-Link’s new complete 2- and 4-Bay ShareCenter solutions are available throughout the company’s vast network of retail, catalog and e-tail outlets, at the D-Link online store, http://www.dlinkshop.com, and by contacting one of the many of D-Link’s value-added resellers, solution providers and distributors. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the DNS-343 with two 1TB drives is $689.99 and without the drives it is $519.99 MSRP. The DNS-323 with one 1TB drive is $399.99 MSRP.


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