Left 4 Dead 2 new ‘Scavenge’ multiplayer mode revealed by Valve

Since the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve said that significant innovations are planned for this series which is controversial among fans of the first film. Alas, for now, we have not been entitled too much information on these innovations: further details on two new bosses are revealed, some information about the environments and details of arms are also "improvised".

Today, the Seattle developer finally seems to be more talkative and speaks of a new game mode called Scavenge. It is to offer players more games rounds and allowing a maximum of 8 participants (Survivors Infected cons). Survivors struggle both against infection and against time as they are collecting gas cans to fill a generator present on each card mode. For each bottle poured into the generator, the Survivors score points and earns a few bonus seconds.

In turn, infections are obviously done to prevent Survivors to reach their goal by attacking and destroying those cans. They can also slow them down just enough so that the time limit is exceeded. Of course, during each round of the match, both sides take turns, Survivor and Infected, to determine who recovered the most cans. For now, only two official images have been released by Valve.

Left 4 Dead 2 is due to come out on 17 and 20 November in North America and Europe on PC / Xbox 360. A playable demo is planned for late October / early November.



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