GPGPU and viruses a new threat

What if the virus also arriving on video cards? Is not the opinion of someone, but Philipp Gerasimov who is software development relations specialist for Intel, during a debate explains how Intel is moving to prevent that GPGPU techniques to become a new weapon in the hands of hackers and virus writers.

"Without any doubt, since the graphics processors become more complex, the issue of security is increasingly significant. That is why we are carefully studying all ability to ensure proper security "said Gerasimov.Intel Corp. believes that GPU viruses are about to emerge and is taking
steps to ensure that its forthcoming Larrabee is secure enough.

Right now no video card is able to infect or delete files or steal sensitive information, but we must acknowledge the fact that GPUs are gradually gaining more capabilities and it is possible that sooner or later be found a way to use these features in a way harmful. Among the features of Larrabee is x86 compatible, including the strengths of NVIDIA Fermi, the ability to run code from C + + to Fortran undoubtedly malware developers may soon have available a wide range of new opportunities.


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