Microsoft and Google are interested in Twitter streams?

The microblogging service Twitter is negotiating separately with Google and Microsoft to integrate tweets as results of their respective search engine.

The Twitter service will he find a way to monetize the billions of tweets exchanged by its tens of millions of users by integrating the results of queries search engines? This suggests that the blog AllThingsDigital saying that Twitter is in advanced but separate discussions with Google and Microsoft.

Explore all possibilities for finally generating revenues, including those consisting of offering premium services for businesses, Twitter might find in the indexing of tweets published by its users in one and / or other search engine a possible way to return money.

All options remain open
If AllThingsDigital sources warn that the existence of these discussions does not mean they necessarily lead to concrete, several funding scenarios are being studied, license worth several million dollars to a model of revenue sharing from the results returned in search engines.

But Twitter seems determined to remain independent and not take sides in the battle between Google and Microsoft Bing, whose recent partnership with Yahoo! Should help to regain market share.

Rather than engage in turn in search engine, Twitter would rather seek to attract major players with an open platform on which they could connect and take advantage of information flows, it s ‘act of search engines, advertisers or advertising.

The question of the type of content to index remains undetermined Twitter serving both the useless chatter that enterprise communications, but the timeliness of information (true or false, again, filters may be required) is a value that can not fail to interest the search engines.

And Twitter has plenty of time to negotiate. The last round has brought 100 million dollars, enough to prepare for the future with serenity, without having to compromise or even trying to be acquired by a large group.


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