Wi-Fi on flights of United Airlines

The United Airlines has begun to deploy a Wi-Fi on board its aircraft. Specifically providing 13 Boeing 757 traveling between California and New York should be connected to the Internet in mid November. This offer is based on technology from Aircell Gogo that turns the aircraft in Wi-Fi hotspot in which passengers share a 3G connection.

Passengers with a laptop or netbook this access will pay $ 13 while mobile users wishing to surf since smarpthone will pay $ 8. The airline said that calls by voice over IP will be banned and this, in order not to disturb other customers. United Airlines launched its trial service before analyzing the returns of the first customers. If the experience is positive, the technology could be deployed to all of its flights.

United Airlines is not the first company tried experience. America Airlines Delta also offer Wi-Fi board. In August, Southwest Airlines announced that all flights would be connected from 2010. However, unlike other players, Southwest has chosen the service of Row 44 rather than that of Aircell.


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