YouTube passes the billion video views per day

Repurchased 1.6 billion by Google in 2006, YouTube has for many years the No. 1 video platforms.

More than a billion videos are now seen daily on YouTube. According to the official weblog platform video hosting this milestone was reached recently and again demonstrates the immense popularity of streaming video service. To mark this event, the site has posted a new logo on its homepage and has split a statement. Because there are few sites that can boast such statistics …

As noted by Chad Hurley co-founder and current Executive Director of YouTube, "three years ago, we had just made headlines by joining Google in our goal to organize the global information to make it more accessible to everyone, anywhere. " "Today I am proud to announce that we distribute more than a billion videos on YouTube daily. It’s a great moment in our short history "

To take the measure of such a number, we must understand that this represents at least 11 574 videos watched every second, 694 444 every minute and 41 666 667 all hours. The time to read this news, tens of thousands of videos are currently distributed worldwide. One can only imagine the miles of servers and bandwidth handled by Google to keep service as smooth and quick as possible … all that YouTube is a service among others in the Google galaxy properties.

Especially in the meantime, the platform has gradually improved, offering new features such as high-definition. "As our bandwidth has increased, the quality of our videos followed. There are always more ways to consume content, and more and more users no longer hesitate to turn a hobby into a real business to part-whole "

"We continue to work hard to monitor technological developments to bring you everything you expect from the largest video site better quality and a wide spectrum of choices and tools for users, partners and advertisers and trails to experience your own YouTube anywhere, anytime."


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