Twitter to bring new languages

While Twitter has raised around 100 million dollars, the site of micro blogging has played the card of the economy by appealing directly to members of the network to translate the service into as many languages as possible. This had already walked a few months ago for Facebook.

 Twitter has definitely been a meteoric rise. Initially adopted by the early adopters, the site has quickly conquered the Americans, including journalists, celebrities and even politicians. Better yet, the site of micro blogging is really the heart of the digital strategy from Democrats (with Facebook and many other social networks and community sites) and Iranian protests this summer. Except that since this time, only two languages were offered: English and Japanese.

Base the method used by Facebook, Twitter has decided to give to the Internet site in their native language. Therefore, it is for the community to adapt What are you doing? in as many languages as possible ranging from Arabic to Russian, from Vietnamese, Korean, or Hebrew, not to mention the Croatian, Chinese or Portuguese. Regarding the German, French, Spanish and Italian, Twitter says they are working on it. Each of these languages is also managed by a team of volunteer translators.

The first translations should happen very quickly. Facebook, which has declined more than 70 languages, had also seen the zeal of some participants. The Spanish version had also been buckled in just three weeks. But since Twitter has a lot less text than other social networks, we should soon see new language choices in the settings page.

If Facebook is now popular in many countries, this is not the case of Twitter, which is mainly used by Americans. But thanks to the next location, the site should attract a new class of Internet users in the next few weeks. Moreover, it is also the opportunity for the platform of micro-blogging to compete more fiercely competing social networks present in other countries.


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