Alcatel Lucent has no plans to merge

No, Alcatel Lucent has no plans to merge with a competitor so to try to revive a very difficult market. Solutions must be found internally.

Ben Verwaayen is once again reaffirming that the Alcatel-Lucent did not seek a merger to lean against a competing group and solve its problems of loss making activity.

The general chairman of the group responsible for restarting the machine, now that the painful phase of merger between Alcatel Lucent is taken for granted has much to do to defuse rumors of reconciliation with foreign groups, including Chinese, whose thrust Europe is becoming more sensitive.

He reiterated his confidence in an internal resolution of problems without having to compromise with the competition, but without denying either the possibility of forging closer partnerships in technological terms.

The Chinese suppliers not interested
For their part, Chinese suppliers Huawei and ZTE, regularly cited as possible partners for a merger with Alcatel-Lucent, have both denied any such discussion, preferring to maintain a position of direct competition.

It must be said that these may represent allies weight and have significant resources, ZTE has received financial support from several billion dollars from the China Exim Bank for its international operations.

The information has tended to reassure the markets, as Alcatel-Lucent experiencing slight growth in the Paris Bourse.


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