ECS Launces GeForce GT 220 and G 210 Graphics Cards

Making it possible to enjoy latest technology within in users
budget, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading
motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, and notebook manufacturer,
today announced latest ECS  GT220 and G210 Series graphics cards built
with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 and NVIDIA GeForce G210 graphics
processing units (GPU) respectively. ECS NGT220-1GQS-F also known as
ECS GT 220─ATX Form Factor features astonishing 512/1024MB DDR2 with
128-bit Data Bus, Supports Microsoft DirectX 10.1 to meets users’
requirement of those latest gaming titles. It is designed with
All-Solid-Capacitor to decrease graphics cards temperature and further
improve the stability offering better product durability and
reliability for users to enjoy unique gaming experience.

All ECS GT220 and G210 graphics cards are embedded HDMI connector which
can transfer video & audio signals via a single cable making top
performance and power efficiency. It uses NVIDIA CUDA technology to
unlocks the power of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most
demanding system tasks – such as video transcoding in order to
delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional GPUs.
ECS GT220 and G210 is excellent choice for mainstream as well as entry
level gamers to enjoy excellent graphic performance under user’s

Fanless heatpipe cooling & AC cooler solution within your budget
ECS NSGT220C-1GQS-H and NSGT220C-512QZ-H graphics cards belongs to GT
220 Silent Series comes with fanless heatpipe cooling solution to
provide a perfect zero noise entertainment environment even during
heavy loading games. The other GT 220 models carry specifically
designed AC cooling solution to offer great cooling efficiency and
suppress the noise very well. Only ECS smart technology can make it
possible to provide perfect latest technology within user’s budget.  

Most Affordable DX10.1 with Excellent HTPC
ECS G210 Graphic cards provides powerful high definition video decoding
capabilities to watch blu-ray movie on you PCs. Home Theater PC (HTPC)
offering improved audios and Hi-definition multimedia playback for more
upgradeability and compatibility. Technical testing results of ECS G210
shows only 1% to 2% uses of CPU during high definition video decoding.
It proves that ECS G210 graphic cards are excellent choice for HTPC. It
is also the most affordable DX 10.1 for playing latest games.

Apart of above qualities ECS GT 220 and G210 are all support next
generation windows 7. Our testing proves that ECS GT220 graphics card
also perform good job in 3D games. It can easily cross the line of 30
fps even when the resolution is up to 1360 x 768. ECS GT 220 and ECS
G210 graphics card is surely the excellent and most attractive choice
in the market for budget gamers.


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