Motion’s C5 and F5 areRugged Tablet PCs with Gorilla Glass

Motion Computing, a leading provider of integrated mobile computing
solutions, and Corning Incorporated announced today that
Corning Gorilla glass has been added to Motion’s most rugged
offerings. The C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) and rugged F5 Tablet
PC now include the thin-sheet glass that was designed to protect
against real-world events that cause display damage.

The Motion
C5 and F5 were designed for highly mobile professionals across vertical
industries such as healthcare, construction, field service and
manufacturing. Both IP-54 and MIL-STD-810F rated, the tablets are fully
rugged yet lightweight, making them the ideal solution for workers who
compute while walking or standing. Designed specifically for mobile
devices, Corning’s Gorilla glass improves screen durability without
adding weight to the highly mobile tablet PCs.

Gorilla glass was designed specifically for products like the Motion
tablets, which are focused on durability, mobility and industry-leading
displays that offer a bright viewing experience in a highly portable
and durable design,” said James E. Hollis, commercial director, Corning
Specialty Materials. “Additionally, since Gorilla glass is strong and
also damage and scratch resistant, it further protects pen-input
devices that are often exposed to elements such as water and dust.”

Leasing Inc., an Ontario-based specialist in trailer rental, leasing
and fleet maintenance, has significantly improved its trailer
inspection, maintenance and service processes with Motion F5s. The
company chose the F5s because of their rugged design, outdoor viewable
screen and integrated features. However, after learning about the
availability of Corning’s Gorilla glass, Trailcon ordered several more,
impressed with the added durability offered by the new technology.

have tried several other tablets and the F5s are now the best outdoor
devices we have,” said Stuart Innes, IT manager, Trailcon. “The added
strength and protection of the Gorilla glass is another example of how
Motion leverages advanced technology to provide industry-leading
solutions that support mobile working environments.”

Gorilla glass is an environmentally friendly alkali-aluminosilicate
thin-sheet glass designed specifically to function as a cover glass for
portable display devices. Its superior composition allows a deeper
layer of chemical strengthening than is possible with other chemically
strengthened glasses, giving it an increased ability to resist and
withstand damage. Additionally, it remains strong over time, extending
the life of the tablets while making accidental scratches and abrasions
less visible and less likely to affect the user’s visual experience.

variety of features come together in Corning’s Gorilla glass to create
a strong, damage-resistant glass that is ideal for tablet PCs,

  • Thinner form factor: Gorilla glass retains its
    performance advantage over standard chemically strengthened offerings
    even when used in thin form factors.
  • Pristine surface quality:
    Corning’s proprietary fusion process offers a high-quality surface and
    eliminates lapping and polishing processes that can cause surface
  • Compatibility with tablet devices: Used as a protective
    glass that is ideal for devices that have a touch user interface
    including pen input, Gorilla glass adds protection without interfering
    with the superior pen response offered with Motion’s tablets.
  • Easy-to-clean, water resistant coating: Special coating makes Gorilla
    glass easier to clean than other cover glasses, making it easy to
    remove dust, dirt, or other elements.

The C5 and
F5 with Corning Gorilla glass are available now through Motion’s
network of value-added resellers and distributors worldwide. Featuring
the Hydis AFFS+ display, Motion’s View Anywhere technology and Corning
Gorilla glass, the C5 and F5 offer industry-leading, bright and durable
displays for superior indoor and outdoor viewability. For more
information visit


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