Oracle and Simba Technologies Introduce MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP

News Facts

  • For organizations that rely on spreadsheets for business
    intelligence, Oracle and Simba Technologies Inc. today announced the
    availability of MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP.
  • MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP natively and securely
    connects Microsoft Excel PivotTable cross-tab and dashboard functionality with Oracle® OLAP data.
  • An easy to install, client-side driver, MDX Provider for
    Oracle OLAP enables end-users to query, display and navigate Oracle OLAP data
    directly from within Excel spreadsheets.
  • Simba is the industry’s choice for standards-based
    relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity.

Easing Use of Excel with Oracle OLAP

  • Oracle OLAP, an option to Oracle Database 11g
    Enterprise Edition, is a calculation engine that supports advanced analytical
    applications including planning, budgeting, forecasting, sales, and marketing to
    help identify key business trends and model complex business scenarios.
  • With the MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, organizations and
    departments that use Excel for ad hoc querying, analysis and reporting can
    connect to Oracle OLAP data just like connecting to any other data source.
  • MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP enables users to take
    advantage of Excel PivotTable and PivotChart functionality to analyze Oracle
    OLAP data, including advanced formatting and dashboard presentation
    capabilities, and integration with other Microsoft Office products.
  • With all data and calculations stored centrally in the
    database as well as analysis performed directly against the database, users
    benefit from the performance and security features of the Oracle Database, while
    helping to ensure that the analysis performed takes advantage of the very latest
  • MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP supports Microsoft Excel
    2007 and 2003 and Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and 2.
  • MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP is built upon Simba’s
    leading MDX 2005 query language technology that’s embedded in several major BI
    vendors’ products.
  • Simba will demonstrate the solution at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 San
    Francisco during their conference session, “Using Excel and Oracle for Business
    Intelligence and Ad Hoc Reporting,” (ID: S308590) on October 12 at 5:30 pm
    Pacific in Room 2010, Moscone West.

  • Simba Technologies Inc. is a member of the Oracle

Supporting Quotes

  • “Customers have voiced their interest in a simple
    solution that would enable them to view and analyze Oracle OLAP data directly
    from within Excel spreadsheets,” said Ray Roccaforte, vice president of Data
    Warehousing and Analytics, Oracle. “The MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP enables
    end-users to work in that familiar spreadsheet environment while taking
    advantage of the power and security of the Oracle Database.”
  • “Simba’s MDX Provider for Oracle has made connecting
    Excel to Oracle an incredibly easy, low-cost action,” said Amyn Rajan, Simba’s
    CEO. “Oracle customers can use Excel PivotTables for ad hoc query and analysis
    and reap the tremendous power of their Oracle Database.”


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