Google Docs Adds Shared Folders

Google Docs and expected to take another step forward by
introducing the Shared Folder feature, option expectation and
demand by several users. The novelty is signaled by the official blog of
Google Docs and the project is even more appropriate .



The feature is currently available to those who use Google
Docs with language preference set to English and Google informs that the new
option will be extended to all accounts in stages. Shared Folder is increased
with the functional level within the collaborative: each user can enter a series
of documents in a folder and choose a contact list to share those items.
Deepening dedicated on the new feature is available here.

Addition, the blog dedicated to Google Docs is reported to
improving dedicated tools to upload content you can now
add multiple items simultaneously, and surpassed the previous limit that is
expected to upload a single file at a time. The developers of Google Docs also
indicate minor changes relating to the graphical application.



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