Nikon D3s crosses the 100000 ISO launch in late November

Nikon D3s evolution of D3

Like the D300 from the D300, the D3s is an evolution of the D3
it will replace. It incorporates the main starting with the robust housing of
magnesium alloy and its tropicalisation thrust and adds an even higher
sensitivity than the D3, which differed in this respect there so that HD video
in 720p,

102 400 ISO

Nikon crossed a milestone in high sensitivities. Indeed, when
two years ago, Nikon created a stir by announcing a full-frame DSLR the D3,
which reached the sensitivity insane at the time 25 600 ISO. The D3s today
blithely cross the 100000ISO mode Hi-3. The gain shown by the team with the
Nikon D3s compared to D3 in terms of image quality is 1.5 EV. Thus a photo taken
at ISO 12 800 would be better with D3s a photo taken with the D3 at ISO 6400
original. Natively, the D3s offers a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12 800 which can
be pushed in ways Hi-1 (ISO 25600) Hi-2 (51200 ISO) and Hi-3 (102400 ISO).

100 000 ISO: what for?

Crossing the threshold of 100 000 ISO creates new opportunities
and new applications using a digital SLR, as some businesses who need to see at
night. This progress can reduce even further when, in photo inside, one must use
his flash and can therefore enjoy a little more ambient light. To illustrate
these abilities to see the night’s campaign launch World Nikon D3s was entrusted
(doodle-doo!) Vincent Munier, huge French wildlife photographer you will be able
to admire the photos taken in the near-darkness with D3s.

Image Quality

If Nikon has changed the sensitivity of its reporting pro SLRs,
its resolution does not improve a single pixel and D3s remains stuck at 12.1
megapixels. If this resolution is enough to publish a double page of a magazine,
even so we would have appreciated a little progress on this plan there would be
only to allow some cropping very useful when one enters a report in which we
could fit approximately. Nikon has used here a weaker version of the FX sensor,
Full Frame, which equips its D3 and review its resolution would have created a
redevelopment too expensive when you can gain in sensitivity with minimal impact
to the sensor depth. Recall that the fans of very high resolution can be
addressed if the D3x and its 24 megapixels

 Nikon Picture Control and measurement of exposure

help the pros to produce the best possible images more easily in the world, of
course, the D3 incorporates Nikon’s famous picture control that allow optimized
JPG or editing without development, vital for a professional took the heart of
the news. The EXPEED processor is the task for image processing and measuring
exposure matrix of 1005 points with scene recognition in a database is coupled
to the white balance and assisted autofocus. The coding is done on 14-bit subtle
nuances between the tones.


Cut to the ground

The D3 incorporates the frame D3: magnesium alloy rigor for a
rugged without too inflate the weight even if in good reflex pro, D3s weighs the
weight of a dead donkey! O-rings make the D3s weather proof and e anti-dust
system (finally!) Can change lenses on the ground without feeling anxiety rot
whole series of pictures to come due to heavy dust that would come to slip into
the mirror box. This was sorely lacking in the Nikon SLR pros while entry-level
models were fitted. This has now changed.

Here we find the 51-point autofocus with 3D
dynamic tracking of the subject with known efficacy. In shooting burst, the D3s
reached 9 fps (and even 11 fps when refocuses the photos "DX" with a target
designed for APS-C sensors).
Quiet Mode

Appearing on the Nikon D5000, Quiet mode (for discreet good
French) will be very appreciated by all the photographers who can not afford to
get noticed (photographer, spinning …). To photograph discreetly with the
Nikon D3s must pass Quiet mode (farewell gust 9 fps). Then the mirror is
constrained to rise and, as Bulb, is the user who decides when the mirror goes
down, time to leave the room or wrap the SLR in a sweater or jacket to smother
noise of the mirror which reflects its original position. It is also hindered in
his race this time. We’ve tried the method of discrete D3s in a grip and it is
pretty convincing.
Dual storage slot
No card to the D3s: Case is equipped with a dual slot for compact
flash card with the management of the filling is left to the user:

– Or copy for safety (as in RAID 1)

– Or
overflow for more storage space: once the first card is completed, the D3s
recorded on the second.

– The JPG on one card and RAW (NEF) on another

– Photos on a map and other videos.

HD Video

The D3s can shoot videos in high definition.
Nikon is on the 720p when Canon, the EOS 5D MKII is already running long in Full
HD 1080p. This choice is not necessarily disadvantageous in terms of image
quality of HD remains but becomes interesting in terms of storage space compared
to the 1080p. But that little more can do less and 720p mode is also available
on devices that filming in 1080p. The Nikon D3s then turns his videos in 720p
(1280 x 720 pixels) at a rate of 24 fps If the basic sound recorded by the D3s
is only mono, you can connect a microphone to a stereo 3.5mm jack for this
purpose. In video too, D3s can be used with very high sensitivity mode that
gives the eponymous case the latitude to adjust its sensitivity from a range
that extends to 6400 ISO 102 ISO 400. It may therefore filming in darkness with
the nascent D3s as we will see in the movies presented by Vincent Munier in the
launch of D3s.

Nikon has
benefited from the review of the D3 to change some details like ergonomic
Friendly button Liveview makes its appearance: it will no longer need to go
through the ring of choice of drive mode enable viewing directly on the LCD
screen (always the beautiful screen 3 "920 000 pixels of the D3 and D300). A
button" info "is also appearing as a headphone jack (requires SLR
videographer!). Finally, the HDMI HDMI pass a classic mini HDMI.

Price and
availability of Nikon D3s

It will be release in late November to
early December 2009 . Currently, the D3
Classic is being removed from storage and will be completely replaced by the
D3s. Its official selling price is 5200 euros, but the D3s be marketed in Euro
4999 distribution partners Nikon.

Key features Nikon D3s

– 12

– Full Frame (frame FX)

– Up to
ISO 6400 (extended modes up to 102 ISO 400)

– Video 720p at
24 fps

– Gust to 9 fps (11 fps frame DX)

51-point AF Multi-Cam 3500 with dynamic 3D-tracking of the subject

– 14-bit Encoding

– EXPEED processor

– Nikon Picture Control

– LiveView

– Screen 3 "921 000 points and 170 ° viewing angle

– Mini-HDMI Output

– Price: 4999 EUR






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