Athens Olympics to go online

Athens Olympic games will be the first to be broadcast live online.

The International Olympic Committee has permitted more than a dozen broadcasters to show video of the Aug. 13-29 Olympics online.There are a few strange rules that the IOC wants in place. Apparently Web sites must employ technology to block viewers from outside their home countries. This angers the BBC which wants to show Britain getting its usual shedloads of medals to ex-pats where ever in the Empire they live.

US viewers must verify their identity using a credit card from Visa, who sponsor the NBC coverage of the games, though they will not be charged. If you haven’t got a visa you will have to watch it on telly like the rest.Some European broadcasters are limiting video to high-speed, broadband customers only. Norwegians, meanwhile, must be subscribers of one of three main Internet service providers.Some companies are also planning to put Olympic coverage down mobile phones for those who have the bandwidth.Apparently the recently completed broadcast contracts for the 2010 and 2012 games automatically come with new media rights for the first time.

News source: TheInquirer


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