SGI Introduces InfiniteStorage Total Control Suite

SGI today announced the introduction of SGI InfiniteStorage NAS and SGI LiveSAN, two powerful new storage offerings within the SGI InfiniteStorage Total Control suite, a rich set of modular software and hardware tools that enable a high-degree of storage customization using standard components. InfiniteStorage NAS and LiveSAN are key product additions for storage virtualization that will allow data center managers total control over their data environments. The two new offerings are on display at Storage Expo 2009 in London at SGI booth #464.

SGI’s InfiniteStorage Total Control suite now includes solutions ranging from LiveSAN for block-level virtualization, global namespace solutions with InfiniteStorage NAS (network-attached storage), Data Migration Facility (DMF) for tier virtualization, and LiveArc, an advanced digital asset management framework. These best-of-breed components are available individually or as part of an integrated, scalable, "future-proof" solution set that allows for the ultimate in control over current and anticipated data management operations.

"With increasing storage demands, data center managers are looking for storage solutions that enable them to tailor their data environment to the specific needs of their users without being locked into expensive, one-size-fits-all scenarios," said Jose Reinoso, vice president for storage products at SGI. "LiveSAN and InfiniteStorage NAS specifically make storage ecosystems highly tunable to increase utilization and decrease costs."

InfiniteStorage NAS is a high-performance NAS hardware platform that satisfies the most demanding storage needs of shared data environments. With advanced tools to simplify management, InfiniteStorage NAS has a rich feature set for virtualization, data management and data protection. Notably, its Cluster Namespace capability enables broad scalability and compatibility in heterogeneous environments, dynamic read caching and dynamic data rebalancing. InfiniteStorage NAS is designed for maximum scalability with external shared storage features for expansive compatibility with legacy systems and maximum control to administrators in shared environments.

LiveSAN is a block-level storage virtualization suite that enables complete control over any SAN environment. Among key features, LiveSAN virtualizes all of the available blocks of existing storage across the enterprise to utilize all available space and lessen stranded storage. The solution provides data center managers with the tools to most effectively utilize their storage environments to their maximum potential. Additional benefits include:

    * Heterogeneous data services, including volume management, snapshot, replication, migration and mirroring
    * Multi-level data protection and rapid recovery from failures
    * Non-disruptive thin provisioning

LiveSAN and InfiniteStorage NAS seamlessly integrate with legacy systems to provide the foundation for unlimited future data growth. Each addresses niches to create virtualized storage solutions at both the block and file levels. These solutions, together with the rest of the InfiniteStorage Total Control suite, give data center managers complete flexibility to choose the right solution for specific data management problems.

Product Availability:
LiveSAN is immediately available worldwide. InfiniteStorage NAS is available for pre-order and will begin shipping December 2009.


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