AVADirect is Now Selling Windows 7

AVADirect.com, a leading custom computer manufacturer is now selling Windows 7 both pre-loaded as well as a separately sold item. Though Microsoft has stated that the official release date will be October 22nd, AVADirect posses the ability to ship Windows 7 effective October 13th. AVADirect also offers the option to receive a free copy of Windows 7 through available Windows Vista packages. According to Microsoft, this offer will not be available after October 22nd 2009. Those who are unsure if they prefer Windows 7 and choose to have Vista as an alternate option, will want to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer quickly.

“It was only a matter of time that Microsoft released a highly reliable operating system”, says Misha Troshin, CMO and co-owner of AVADirect. “I’m not saying that previous operating systems were un-reliable, they just needed a bit of an internal makeover to improve the functionality…Windows 7 is exactly that! Of course this early Windows 7 offering would not be possible without a close partnership with Microsoft" said Troshin

When Mark Russinovich was asked “Is there anything that addresses the overall issue of performance degradation over time that plagues devices over time without having to configure or buy and configure additional third party software?” He responded with: “Microsoft has invested in PerfTrack, an automated reporting feature in Windows that tracks the performance of over 400 experiences on the PC. Windows 7 also includes troubleshooters such as IE Performance as well as a Check for Performance Issues to help users check for performance issues over time.”

Information about purchasing Windows 7 along with the limited time coupon offers through AVADirect can be found below.

How To Use The “Windows 7 Coupon” Offer
What will come included with this new disk is a coupon to be turned into Microsoft. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Buy a system from AVADirect with qualifying Vista edition
  • Receive system with Window Vista and coupon
  • When upgrade becomes available, contact Microsoft and use coupon
  • Receive upgrade disc from Microsoft and install Windows 7

AVADirect will continue to support your product for the full length of your warranty  Unfortunately, the Windows 7 requires a clean install to function. An in-place upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is not possible. Instructions on how to properly backup and restore your files and settings will be available when the upgrade becomes available


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