ASUS Notebook Battery Replacement Program

ASUS has discovered that a notebook battery manufactured by a
third-party vendor in 2007 may, under rare conditions and after
long-term use, pose a safety risk. In order to ensure the safety of our
customers, ASUS is voluntarily providing a free replacement for all
affected batteries.

This replacement program is only applicable to batteries
manufactured in 2007 by a third-party vendor and distributed with ASUS
X51 and Pro52 notebooks. We encourage owners of notebooks that meet
these criteria to visit
for full instructions on how to verify if their batteries are affected,
and how to obtain a free replacement*. Users of notebooks that fall
outside the above criteria can continue to use their notebooks with
complete peace of mind.

At ASUS, the safety of our customers is paramount. We are fully
committed to proactively identifying, rectifying, and subsequently
preventing the reoccurrence of safety issues. We will continue to make
every effort to ensure that the products we ship are of the utmost

*Please note that only the described batteries qualify for this replacement program and not the notebook computers themselves


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