MTX RP12PT, RT8PT subwoofers with integrated amplifier

MTX Audio brand, familiar to fans of boom boom in the car, has announced the launch of two subwoofers with built-in amplifier.

Shaped tubes and displays both 54 inches long, they are designed from a wooden frame of 1.5 cm thick, covered with gray carpeting.

The first model, the RT8PT is equipped with a woofer 20 inches in diameter and an amplifier can deliver up to 120 Watts of RMS power.

The second, RP12PT, embarks on a loudspeaker 30 cm and an amplifier of 150 Watts.


  • Rohrform
  • Wooden box of 15 mm thick
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Integrated amplifier 120 or 150 W RMS
  • Speakerphone 200 or 300 mm
  • Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 540 mm or 36.5 x 36.5 x 540 mm
  • Finish: Gray



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