Mafia II presents new images

Mafia II presents new images

Take Two just upload new images of very promising Mafia II, displaying some phases of conduct and other gunfights.

Those who have spent pleasant moments on Mafia waiting impatiently Mafia II, developing in the studio, 2K Czech. The title takes place in the town of Empire City, a place very much alive and that, although it has fewer pedestrians and vehicles in circulation compared with GTA IV. The set offers a very convincing perspective. The aesthetic seems to have been one of the major elements of the design, since each element of the game sticks perfectly to the mood of the time. Clothing to vehicles passing through the general architecture or the posters pasted here and there, everything seems to have undergone treatment.


The player will play Vito, an Italian who immigrated to the USA, along with childhood friend Joe move towards organized crime. A system of destruction of scenery has also been implemented at the same level as that introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2. It is for example possible to destroy bottles of very realistic with his gun. In this respect also, a cover system is implemented, to build on a piece of scenery to look to shoot.


Mafia II will be marketed on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 during the 1 st half of 2010.




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