Opera Software released the beta version of Opera Unite

Opera Software today released the beta version of Opera Unite, available in Opera 10.10 beta. Opera Unite is a novel technology platform that shakes up the old client-server computing model of the Web. Opera Unite turns any computer into both a client and a server, allowing it to interact with and serve content to other computers directly across the Web.

Opera Unite is an extremely powerful platform that opens up a new category of client-to-client applications. Harnessing this power is as easy as coding a Web page. This dramatically simplifies the complexity of authoring advanced Web applications. To create an Opera Unite application, a Web developer needs only to know the same open Web standards they use every day, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Opera Unite applications can be accessed by any modern Web browser on any device.

Opera 10.10 beta includes the following Opera Unite applications for you to try:

  • Photo Sharing: Create instant Web photo galleries from your PC.
  • Messenger: Chat live with your friends in My Opera.
  • File Sharing: Share a file from your personal computer without having to upload it.
  • Web Server: Turn your Opera browser into an instant Web server that hosts your Web sites directly from your computer.
  • Media Player: Stream your entire music catalog from anywhere, instantly, using any Web browser.
  • Fridge: Post a note on your friends’ virtual refrigerators.



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