Atmel’s AVR Microcontrollers Selected by iBiquity Digital Corporation for HD Radio

Atmel Corporation, a leader in microcontroller-based solutions,announced that its AVR XMEGA and AVR32
product families have been selected for iBiquity Digital’s HD Radio
reference design platforms. Many leading consumer audio manufacturers
use iBiquity reference designs to help bring their new innovative
products, services and equipment to market, and to enable a seamless
transition to digital HD Radio Technology. Both the AVR XMEGA and AVR32
processor families are used in a number of HD Radio designs for user
interface and control functions. Atmel’s AVR32 32-bit microcontrollers
provide increased processing power for a number of varied HD Radio
designs including MP3 decoding, USB connectivity, and iPOD docking
applications that are now being shipped throughout the world.

"Atmel’s 8- and 32-bit solutions provide an excellent balance of
performance, features and cost for the HD Radio market," said Jeff
Jury, Chief Operating Officer at iBiquity. "Additionally, Atmel’s
software tools and support allow iBiquity and our end-customers the
ability to develop new products very quickly, while addressing
increased market requirements in real-time."

is an 8-/16-bit, high performance microcontroller family with very low
active and standby current consumption. This family includes 12-bit
A/Ds and D/As, various peripheral interfaces (USARTS, SPI, TWI), and an
internal DMA (direct memory access) making it an outstanding choice for
many consumer applications. The AVR32 is available with both full- and
high-speed USB OTG (On-the-Go) and Ethernet interfaces. Additionally,
Atmel offers its free QTouch® software library,
which runs on the AVR XMEGA and AVR32 product family, to allow system
designers to implement capacitive touch buttons to their existing
application without any additional cost.


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