ATV Offroad 2XL new racing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch

You can download it in the AppStore

Comes a new game devices Apple, iPhone and iPod Touch, It is
ATV Offroad 2XL A new racing game that will have 16 unique
tracks with various game modes, plus various types of control and levels of

Set out from the start line straight into the action with the launch of ATV
Offroad 2XL, the latest offroad racing game from the creators of Supercross 2XL.

Equipped with 18 tracks of the ATV, ATV Offroad 2XL slashing the maximum
potential in terms of gameplay and graphics, the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This new title for the App Store claims to offer an advanced career mode and
an achievement system that allows the pilot to make their own way to the top of
the ATV world. After learning the basics of the game and gain some level of
driving, play with your friends in multiplayer mode, and compare your times with
other players in the online rankings.

"With ATV Offroad 2XL really ambitious goals we set ourselves in terms of
gameplay and visual presentation," said Rick Baltman, president of 2XL Games.
"The final product certainly has exceeded these targets. There are many
possibilities for each pilot in terms of runways, control combinations, cameras,
customizations and game modes. We have really expanded the boundaries in terms
of quality, a user can expect an application for iPhone or iPod. It really makes
you feel that you have a console title on your mobile device.

The ATV Offroad 2XL features include:

16 unique tracks of the ATV Supercross and Outdoor Nationals
levels Freestyle
long-lasting career mode and achievement system.

Freestyle Mode or with an advanced scoring system
multiplayer mode
lets you compete against up to 5 opponents.
 races against up to 8 players
in single player mode.
 motorized ATV 250cc and 450cc engines two and four
 you can choose hundreds of different vehicles and ATV riders

aid in driving and ability to use invisible controls in sight
 chambers on first and third person
 adjustable difficulty level
preset control types, including control that is based on the inclination of the
iPhone or iPod.
 Possibility to view statistics and rankings of the best
players in the world

ATV Offroad 2XL is available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod
Touch for $ 5.99.



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