Gamebryo 1.2 Due in October

NDL has announced that Gamebryo 1.2, the cross-platform 3D graphics engine and tools that offer game developers unparalleled flexibility with implementing cutting-edge 3D technology in their games will ship in October.

The Company Line:

The key enhancements in Gamebryo 1.2 are significant upgrades to the animation system and tool. The animation system now provides general weighted blending of an arbitrary number of animation sequences, with priorities, which will allow artists and programmers to achieve more sophisticated behaviors with a smaller number of animation sequences. The animation tool has been completely re-written to take advantage of the new capabilities in the engine, and the user interface has been completely redesigned to make it more intuitive and more flexible. Many other features and performance improvements have been added, including enhancements to the collision system and to particle systems.

“We continue to innovate and evolve our flexible graphics engine and tools based on the feedback we receive from all of our customers,” said John Austin, president and chief executive officer of NDL. “Looking beyond this release, we are already working on features and next generation platforms for the Gamebryo release in 2005.”

Upcoming titles using Gamebryo include Sid Meier’s Pirates!, developed by Firaxis; Empire Earth 2, developed by Mad Doc Software; Playboy: The Mansion, developed by Cyberlore Studios and Kohan II: Kings of War, developed by TimeGate Studios.
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