MSI All-in-One Premium Sound Technology

The new product launch and hands-on experience session for MSI’s new All-in-One PC products has been a resounding success. MSI’s achievement in becoming the best-selling All-in-One PC brand in Taiwan has attracted a great deal of interest from the media.

The four All-in-One PC models that MSI has launched so far have proved very popular with consumers. Responding to market demand, MSI has now introduced a further three brand-new All-in-One PC products that exemplify MSI’s first-class technology and outstanding design, and which all provide multi-touch capability. These new models have been carefully designed to meet the needs of different customer segments, in terms of performance, quality, and appearance.

MSI’s new AE2020, AE2220 and AE2220 Hi-Fi models have the streamlined, fashionable styling that consumers have come to expect from MSI. They combine an attractive appearance with built-in multi-touch panels, and come with Microsoft’s latest Windows 7 operating system platform; MSI’s goal has been to make these PCs as intuitive and easy to use as possible. The AE2220 Hi-Fi in particular embodies an innovative design that represents a major breakthrough for All-in-One PC. To let All-in-One PC become an even more integral part of consumers’ lifestyles and taste, MSI has made first-rate Hi-Fi stereo capability the main focus of the AE2220 Hi-Fi’s design. MSI’s Premium Sound Technology represents an enhancement of existing SRS technology; using the same concepts that are employed in the design of high-end stereo systems, MSI has created an outstanding audio system for the AE2220 Hi-Fi, ensuring a high-quality, high-definition sound experience, and enabling the AE2220 Hi-Fi to play a role in the user’s home that no other All-in-One PC can match.

MSI’s new product launch and hands-on experience session was held in the Presidential Suite at the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, utilizing this special environment to demonstrate how MSI’s All-in-One PCs can be used by different members of the family and in different usage scenarios. During the product launch event, Microsoft Taiwan OEM Department Senior Director, Thomas Li, said that MSI had achieved the same thing that Microsoft had been seeking to achieve, which was to integrate its products into every aspect of family life.

MSI’s Senior Director, Sam Chern, explained that MSI’s All-in-One PC products make use of high-end stereo technology to help users re-appreciate the power of sound and music. MSI offers a more comprehensive range of All-in-One PC products than any other competitors, with a full range of models in the 19-inch to 22-inch sizes. Whether you are a company or other organization looking for All-in-One PCs for your employees to use in the office, or an individual consumer looking for a desktop PC solution, MSI All-in-One PCs’ combination of cutting-edge technology and fashionable looks make them your ideal choice.

MSI has many years of experience in PC system product R&D, and the quality of its products is world-class. To achieve greater proximity to the consumer and be able to provide purchasers of MSI PCs with better service, MSI has developed a series of own-brand products, including the Wind Top and Wind Box product lines. In line with the company’s philosophy of "achieving breakthroughs in design, striving for ever higher quality standards, and developing innovative technology," MSI is constantly setting itself new targets. The consumer’s needs are paramount at every stage from R&D onwards. Before products leave MSI’s factories, they all undergo rigorous testing covering 30 different items (including temperature resistance, humidity resistance, resistance to shock and pressure, and drop testing). No detail is overlooked; MSI is committed to ensuring that the purchasers of its products can use them with confidence for the widest possible range of applications.



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