Danger Den DD-5870 Block for the ATI 5870 VGA Card

Danger Den continues to extend their broad line of full coverage video
card blocks with the new ATI 5870 water block. The DD-5870 block is a
single slot solution cooling all of the major heat components including
the GPU, RAM, power mofsets, and more.

The DD-5870 block is designed to have superior cooling
performance while minimizing the pressure loss across the block. This
combined with other Danger Den blocks maintains a high flow rate
through the entire system maximizing the cooling performance of all the

Danger Den, based in Astoria, OR, has improved their in-house
production process and is now able to offer the DD-5870 at the
incredible price of $99.95. The DD-5870 will be available to order on
October 16th. The product page lists all of the details and any questions can be answered in the Danger Den Forums. Be sure to check out the Gallery of photos (more photos soon).

Stay tuned for the 5870X2 and 5850 versions also as ATI has sent CAD drawings and samples to Danger Den!



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