3M Introduces New Laptop 3M Gold Privacy Screen

Every year, millions of sensitive data records are exposed due to hackers or stolen hardware, just having confidential information on a computer screen can be risky.(1) Business professionals who frequently travel or work outside the office and manage confidential information must constantly be on-guard against data thieves and over-the-shoulder snoops, especially since 49 percent of people admit to glancing at strangers’ computer screens.(2) Now, 3M Specialty Display Products, pioneers in privacy protection, is introducing 3M Gold Privacy Filters — the most advanced privacy screen for laptops with increased visual clarity.

Utilizing multiple state-of-the-art 3M technologies, 3M Gold Privacy Filters protect sensitive data on your laptop by revealing a reflective golden screen when viewed from the side. This new privacy screen also features a gloss surface that allows the user to experience sharper and brighter text and images with no blurring or distortion.

"As the first line of defense against ‘wandering eyes’ and over the shoulder snoops, 3M’s privacy products for laptops, desktops and smartphones have consistently delivered exceptional privacy protection for hospitals, banks, government agencies, and any other businesses that handle confidential or sensitive information," said Danielle Amsahr, marketing manager for 3M Privacy Filters. "The new 3M Gold offers businesses and individuals enhanced data protection with even more visual clarity for an enhanced user experience."

3M Gold Privacy Filters are widely available at Shop3M.com and other online retailers and range in price from $50 to $100 depending on screen size. For more information, visit 3MPrivacyFilter.com.


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