Mark Logic Extends Support for Microsoft Office with Launch of MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint

Mark Logic Corporation, a leading provider of software for information applications, today announced the availability of MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint. This new offering provides customers with a free and seamless way to integrate Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 with MarkLogic Server. In addition toMarkLogic Toolkit for Word,MarkLogic Toolkit for Excel , andMarkLogic Connector for SharePoint released earlier this year, Mark Logic Toolkit for PowerPoint expands Mark Logic’s support for Microsoft Office 2007. Organizations can enhance the functionality of Microsoft Office products and quickly build unique information applications utilizing the native document format, Office Open XML (OOXML). To view a guided video demo of Toolkit for PowerPoint, please visithere.

“With the release of MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint, our customers can now take advantage of the powerful storage, search, analysis, and delivery capabilities of Mark Logic Server from within all their favorite Microsoft Office applications,” said Jas Sandhu, interoperability vendor alliance manager, Microsoft. “Mark Logic is an example of a trusted Microsoft partner that is extending the utility of Office products for managing information and meeting our customers’ unique business needs.”

“A big challenge for information intensive organizations is the ability to find and re-use content created by employees, as content is scattered and ‘locked up’ inside of various document formats,” said Marc Strohlein, chief agility officer, Outsell, Inc. “By adding PowerPoint presentations to the mix of content that can be stored in a central repository, and readily combined with content from spreadsheets and other documents to create new presentations, Mark Logic’s latest Office integration toolkit is a significant step forward in solving these problems.”

Distributed under an open source model, MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint empowers organizations to unlock additional value from information stored in PowerPoint. Toolkit for PowerPoint includes three components: an XQuery library specifically designed to ingest and manipulate OOXML; an add-in that allows users to embed information applications directly into PowerPoint; and a sample application that allows customers to get started right away. Toolkit for PowerPoint benefits include:

Search and Reuse- MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint enables users to quickly find existing presentations stored in their repository. With functionality for text and tag search, users can easily insert existing slides into new presentations and dynamically assemble content from within the PowerPoint interface.

Accelerate Application Development- MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint makes it possible for organizations to build enterprise-wide presentation sharing infrastructures. Customers can develop custom interfaces using standards such as HTML and JavaScript, and leverage sample applications to get started immediately.

Leverage XML- MarkLogic Toolkit for PowerPoint allows customers to run granular searches across text and structure in OOXML, enrich PowerPoint presentations with custom tags, and deliver information to multiple channels.

“Ever since Microsoft opened up its document formats using XML, customers have been looking to enable dynamic delivery of their enterprise information using SharePoint and Office desktop tools,” said Jason Monberg, vice president of product management, Mark Logic Corporation. “Whether you work in a highly-regulated industry that must drive operational documentation or a large consulting firm preparing a response to an RFP, this new breed of applications will enhance the way users discover and distribute information.”


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