Alien Technology Next Generation EMEA Gen 2 Radio Frequency Identification Reader

High performance ALR-9900-EMA RFID reader supports new European
“Four Channel Plan” regulations, packing a feature-rich enterprise
reader in a compact package.

Alien Technology, an industry leader in UHF Gen 2 radio frequency
identification (RFID) products and services, today announced the
expansion of its high performance enterprise category reader platform.
The new ALR-9900-EMA reader is designed to the latest ETSI regulations,
serving Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and densely packs numerous
feature-rich offerings in half its predecessor’s footprint.

ALR-9900-EMA reader elevates the 866MHz-band product line to a whole
new plateau.” explains Victor Vega, Alien Technology Marketing
Director, “This new generation architecture delivers exceptional
performance within a compact package. It is designed to the new ETSI EN
302-208-2 regulatory compliance standards, more commonly known as ‘the
four-channel-plan’. It supports near-field and far-field coupling, and
includes the powerful Alien® Reader Protocol (ARP) engine for
stand-alone autonomous mode of operation as well as full support of all
custom commands for Alien’s industry leading Higgs™-3 based inlay
portfolio, including extended memory, anti-counterfeit authentication,
and read cloaking.”

About the ALR-9900-EMA
The ALR-9900-EMA provides backwards compatibility to today’s
tried-and-true ALR-8800 reader. It supports four independent read zones
with a monostatic design (single antenna per zone) and offers a highly
effective Dense Reader Mode in conjunction with superb interference
rejection to ensure high read rates even in noisy, congested reader
environments. Features are abundant, including: monostatic antenna
refection cancellation for optimum system performance; auto-adjusting
tag inventory optimization; a low duty-cycle ‘Sniff-‘n-Read’ (Seek)
feature to activate the reader only when tags are detected in the RF
field, helping reduce ambient noise and reader power; ARP and Automode
for autonomous reader interrogation, triggered either by user-defined
time parameters or by external sensors; an installation-friendly
general purpose input and output interface with high capacity output
drivers to control external visual or audible indicators, conveyor
pushers, diverters, or access gates; masking and notification filtering
to streamline network traffic; and data streaming options for
ultra-fast applications.

features include: RSSI (tag signal strength) and velocity filters to
help alleviate stray tag reads; I/O data streaming capabilities for
monitoring external sensors; a user-defined ‘state-machine’ allowing
acquisition parameters and antenna sequencing optimization, including
Gen 2 settings such as ‘Sessions’ and ‘Selects’; Alien Reader Custom
Application for porting business and application code directly on the
reader; Intelligent Tag Radar features to enhance tag singulation and
to detect relative tag direction and velocity; support of both
near-field and far-field antennas with a suite of well over a dozen
compatible antenna offerings; and software compatibility with marquee
software providers.

All of this and more in a compact 18
cm x 20 cm footprint enables a broader deployment in a wider variety of


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