Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2

Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 Helps
Businesses Deploy On-Demand Video, Mobility, Security, and
Other Services to Achieve Greater Cost Savings

To address evolving information technology
(IT) needs around increasingly distributed and collaborative workforces,
Cisco today introduced its Borderless Networks architecture
and a five-phase plan designed to help deliver services and applications to
anyone, anywhere, on any device, at anytime seamlessly, reliably, and
securely. As the first proof point of its Borderless Networks
architecture, Cisco announced the second generation of its Integrated Services Router, the ISR


The Cisco ISR G2 helps businesses and service providers simplify and scale
delivery of on-demand, networked business services like video and
collaborative applications at branch offices. It serves as a natural part
of the company’s Borderless Networks architecture, which combines Cisco’s
routing, switching, wireless, and security technologies into a more tightly
integrated networking infrastructure that allows businesses to embrace the
growing use of video, collaborative applications, and other networked
services and deliver them across their enterprises. With Borderless
Networks, information technology managers can more easily manage, scale,
govern, and protect networks while tightening the synergy between users,
devices, applications, and business processes.


The Cisco ISR G2 portfolio is built on the company’s 25-year routing
heritage. It offers as much as five times the performance of its
predecessor, the Cisco ISR, the industry’s most widely deployed router with
more than 7 million units sold since its introduction in 2004.

  • Business video – With business video adoption expected to
    climb to 77.6 percent by 2012 (Cisco VNI Research), and with video proven to play a key
    role in enabling business innovation and better customer service, the
    video-ready architecture and new video digital signal processors in the ISR
    G2 will be key to delivering medianet

    capabilities essential to the borderless networks experience.

  • Service virtualization with an "on-demand" service delivery –
    Borderless Networks solutions decouple hardware and software so that
    virtual services can be remotely deployed and managed. The ISR G2
    implements this with the innovative Services-Ready Engine, which lets
    businesses dynamically deploy services in branches without costly onsite
    support. The ISR G2 Services Module comes with up to 1 terabyte of on-board
    storage, which is useful for video surveillance deployments, and supports
    up to seven times the performance of previous network modules.
  • Operational savings – The Borderless Networks architecture
    delivers Cisco
    EnergyWise across multiple platforms to enable organizations to better
    manage their power consumption and costs through increased visibility and
    policy-based controls. ISR G2 extends this capability to the branch office
    with a new family of integrated EnergyWise compliant switch modules and
    slot-based power control.
  • The borderless experience – The Borderless Networks
    architecture breaks down boundaries between location, device, and
    application. As applications and services are increasingly offered and
    consumed from beyond the enterprise perimeter, a new approach will be
    required. The ISR G2 enables sophisticated premise-based services while
    extending mobility, security, and performance to users, no matter where the
    user or application is located.

Product Highlights:

The Cisco ISR G2 is a full portfolio of routers designed to cost
effectively deliver a range of concurrent services and applications ranging
from virtual office solutions, mobility, customizable applications,
collaboration, and ultimately to scalable rich-media services like Cisco
Telepresence(TM), video streaming and digital signage, all with
industry-leading security.

  • Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Router: The flagship of
    the ISR G2 portfolio, these routers provide high availability, investment
    protection, performance and scalability. At the same time they offer
    unparalleled total cost of ownership savings and network agility through
    the intelligent integration of market-leading security, switching, unified
    communications, video, wireless, WAN optimization and application services.
  • Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Router: The midrange of
    the ISR G2 portfolio offers superior value by delivering market-leading
    security, switching, unified communications, video, wireless, and
    application services, while providing cost-effective industry-leading
    investment protection.
  • Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Router: The Cisco 1941 is
    a compact-modular router delivering a broad set of connectivity options
    including new 802.11n wireless local-area network capabilities, in addition
    to market-leading services such as security, switching and wireless all in
    a desktop form factor.
  • Cisco IOS®(TM) Release 15: The ISR G2 portfolio ships with
    Cisco IOS Release 15.0(1)M, a new software version delivering enhanced
    security, voice, manageability and IP services for a more consistent user
    experience and improved operational efficiency. A single universal image
    with license-based activation simplifies operations and feature selection
    through easy software management, enabling faster deployment of Borderless
    Networks services. A trial software license is also available.
  • Building medianet technologies: The ISR G2 series is
    medianet-ready, helping businesses and service providers to optimize the
    delivery of rich-media applications. Cisco is also launching the
    Enterprise Medianet Foundation Architecture to help enable rich-media
    collaboration. Powered in part by the ISR G2, medianets will deliver the
    next generation of video experiences resulting from high-definition video
    and innovative rich-media applications.
  • Related customer training: To help customers capitalize on
    the ISR’s new medianet video-enablement capabilities, Learning@Cisco is
    introducing advanced technology skill-building products for IT
    professionals working with Cisco video and collaboration technologies.
    Scheduled to be available in late 2009, these new certification and
    training products will provide classroom and online enablement
    opportunities for designing, implementing, and configuring video and
    medianet solutions.
  • ASR 1002-F Router: Cisco is also introducing a new platform for
    its Aggregation Services Router — the ASR 1002-F, delivering
    small-scale highly secure WAN aggregation and private WAN and Internet Edge
    for Borderless Networks. The new Cisco ASR 1002-F router is a
    fixed-configuration version of the ASR 1000 Series.



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