VMware Delivers New Management Solution for Reduced Waste, Overhead and Risk

New Product Helps Customers Continuously Manage and Plan Infrastructure Capacity for Maximum Efficiency

VMware, Inc. the global leader in virtualization
solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, announced the availability of VMware vCenter CapacityIQ, a new
product in the VMware vCenter Product Family that provides complete
capacity management for VMware virtualized environments. VMware
CapacityIQ empowers IT administrators with the necessary intelligence
to be able to right-size capacity in a dynamic virtual environment. It
provides unprecedented visibility into past, present and future
infrastructure capacity in order to analyze what is available and what
is being used; forecast what is needed; and plan when capacity will run
out. As a result, VMware CapacityIQ helps eliminate infrastructure
waste, reduce operational overhead and minimize business risk of
outages, failures and disasters.

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ enables customers to proactively monitor
capacity at multiple levels, analyze the impact of changes and forecast
future needs based on consumption patterns. VMware CapacityIQ is
critical for VMware customers who are interested in growing their
virtual infrastructure cost-effectively –supporting server applications
or virtual desktops – enabling them to:

  • Reduce cost by reclaiming unused capacity.
    CapacityIQ proactively analyzes resource usage patterns and
    automatically generates a list of virtual machines that have been
    over-provisioned. Armed with this information, virtual infrastructure
    administrators can reclaim unused resources instead of purchasing
    additional capacity.
  • Mitigate risk by modeling the effect of capacity changes.
    CapacityIQ helps customers avoid potential business and service
    disruptions by proactively modeling the impact of a planned change such
    as an acquisition or new application or an unplanned outage, failure or
  • Deliver the right capacity at the right time. 
    CapacityIQ keeps track of a dynamic VMware virtual environment by
    helping customers monitor capacity and forecast future capacity needs,
    helping to ensure capacity is always available to meet required service

“In virtualized environments, customers can
optimize performance and boost their ROIs by properly allocating
resources,” said Bogomil Balkansky, VP, product marketing, server
business unit, for VMware. “VMware vCenter CapacityIQ is the first
product that enables customers to fully analyze their virtualized
environments, identify bottlenecks and wasted resources, and plan for
current and future capacity needs so they have confidence that they can
meet business demands.”

“With VMware vCenter CapacityIQ, VMware is delivering a key solution
for one of the most impactful areas of virtual systems management,”
said Andi Mann, VP of research for independent IT analyst firm,
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Good capacity planning tools
are essential for any virtualization deployment. EMA research clearly
shows that this discipline contributes to higher VM densities, higher
admin efficiency, better application performance, and more best
practice outcomes.”

“In a virtual infrastructure where all resources are shared, optimal
performance can only be achieved with the right amount of properly
allocated resources,” said Mike Laskowski, solutions architect, R.R.
Donnelly.  “With vCenter Capacity IQ, we can easily identify over- and
under-provisioned virtual machines, helping us to reduce both waste and
performance risk. CapacityIQ’s ‘what if analysis’ and reporting
features help us with ongoing planning and deployment to ensure the
right level of resources and the best possible ROI.”


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