Fujitsu Unveils glovia G2 ERP System for Production Management

Fujitsu and Glovia International, Inc. (GII) today announced the launch of glovia G2, the next-generation production management ERP for the manufacturing industry, available today worldwide.

The product combines functionality compliant with international standards and Japanese manufacturing know-how, enabling the quick deployment and integration of production management systems globally. The software makes production conditions visible by individually tracking the production, sales, and inventory status of each business site in a timely manner.

These capabilities help customers respond quickly to changes in international market conditions at each layer of their organization—managerial, administrative, and production—and develop plans for global strategic production.

Key Product Features
The ERP system can be deployed smoothly as it is compliant with global standards including SOX (USA) and J-SOX (Japan), eliminating the need to tailor a system to each country’s standards individually. An expanded security manager controls security at the user and user-group levels and also supports compliance in areas such as production management and IT system regulations.
Rich Internet applications improve usability on a global level while ensuring reliability, expandability, and maintainability. This enables each business location to step up operations and share information in real time, as well as ensures the precise grasp of conditions in production sites and the use of Japanese manufacturing know-how in business management. A new alert function makes production anomalies at a location visible, helping management quickly evaluate and respond to the situation.
Standard connection functionality to Salesforce CRM helps to reveal demand fluctuations within each production site, in addition to supporting management and the site in quickly evaluating and responding to them.
A service-oriented architecture platform allows sophisticated production management functions to be offered as service components.


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