QPR Software Announces QPR 8.1

QPR Software Plc today announced version 8.1 of its QPR Integrated Management System software. Based on the combination of QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide, it provides organizations with performance and process management tools for improving the way organizations manage strategy, operations, quality and risk. The new release delivers a host of improvements in usability and rewards users with a rich mix of process-related content, hosted on multiple portals in multiple formats including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

“We are seeing a growing number of organizational roles becoming actively involved in the management of strategy, risk, compliance, quality and operational efficiency. This calls for a more comprehensive collection of content, metrics and of ways to collaborate around cross-organizational processes, which is what we now deliver with version 8.1”, said Jari Jaakkola, Chief Executive Officer of QPR Software Plc. “Collaboration and clear metrics also help organizations to cut costs in a smart and transparent way. QPR products are a key enabler for achieving this”, he continued.

QPR 8.1 is focused at business users and consists of performance management software QPR ScoreCard and process management and analysis software QPR ProcessGuide. New in version 8.1 is the ability to run the QPR Portal front-end completely inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and take advantage of its impressive arsenal of document management and collaboration features. Metrics in QPR ScoreCard now support date, text and milestone-based values, which improve its support for managing projects around performance or process-related content. Free linking between metrics, process maps, analysis views and external content now help organizations better tailor the user interface behavior of the system, and export to Microsoft Excel provide users with more powerful analysis capabilities.

On the designer client side, QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide now feature a range of usability improvements that enable faster and more convenient creation and maintenance of performance and process models. Examples include the ability to prevent changes to past data by locking periods, highlighting of consolidation formulas, a new, pop-up-based quick modeling approach and the ability to select a reusable modeling element faster by using auto-complete element selection.

“With QPR 8.1 our customers capitalize on all the work done for the development of the QPR Web Services Foundation. The QPR Solution Package for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server provides more powerful collaboration and document management, the QPR Add-In for Microsoft integrates reporting with Microsoft Word and the export to Microsoft Excel adds many analysis capabilities” Tony Virtanen, Vice President Products and Technology, commented and he continued: “The improvements in the Designer clients enable customers to achieve fast implementations – this a key strength of our products that is now further enhanced.”

QPR 8.1 is available through QPR partners globally. QPR Software includes and combines QPR ScoreCard performance management software and QPR ProcessGuide process modeling and analysis software. QPR provides easy to use tools for existing QPR customers to upgrade to the latest version. QPR tools are used for Process Management, Performance management, CPM, Business Activity Monitoring, Quality Systems, Enterprise Architecture Modeling, Balanced ScoreCard, EFQM, Six Sigma, Project Portfolio Monitoring and Project Risk Management.


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