FAXAGE Internet FAX adds security features

Denver, CO October 21, 2009 – FAXAGE, the value-leader in Internet FAX services, has recently added additional security features to its platform. As Internet FAX expands as an accepted means of doing business, augmenting or replacing traditional fax machines, regulatory compliance with various standards such as HIPAA, SOX and GLB has become a key requirement in existing and potential clients’ environments.

Internet FAX, in general, has privacy advantages over shared fax machines. Individual FAX delivery can help to ensure that faxes are not available in ‘public’ areas within an organization. However, a service provider must offer appropriate mechanisms to protect electronic copies of faxes in order for clients to be able to realize these advantages without introducing additional risk.

FAXAGE offers the following security features as a standard part of all accounts:

Secure email delivery allows for either password-protected SSL links to be delivered rather than actual fax content or PGP encryption to be utilized to protect the fax content. Email transport layer security (TLS/SSL) is also offered for server-to-server transport encryption.

Secure email fax sending can be achieved either by utilizing PGP to encrypt the content or by utilizing FAXAGE’s email server transport layer security.

The FAXAGE website interface is protected by SSL for the entire login session.

The FAXAGE API is protected by SSL for all transactions. http://www.faxage.com

FAXAGE continues to offer strong internal safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer information on the FAXAGE platform. Robust reporting and customer-controlled account security levels within the platform allow for compliance monitoring, ensuring not only security but reasonable assurance that organizational controls are, in fact, effective.

"We are excited to offer these features to our clients and potential clients." Says Christian Watts of EC Data Systems – the owner and operator of the FAXAGE service, "With the addition of these features, our security measures are among the strongest in the industry. This is a clear message that we understand and value our clients’ business requirements and continue to enhance our platform to meet or exceed them."


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