Problems with DivX and XP SP2 explained

“DivX will be generating machine code into a buffer and calling it. This is a recognised trick for accessing screen memory extremely quickly: you generate code that implicitly knows about the screen memory layout, the logical operatings you want to do on the image, and so on. They you call it. It runs a load faster than code that’s full of “if (24bitscreen) {} else {}” idioms, because all those questions were answered while it was being generated.”

The problem we see with DEP and DivX is actually caused by our product security wrapper, which we use as a measure against software piracy and reverse engineering, which is forbidden by the license agreement. The same issue affects our installers, which you note later in your article, because we try to register some DLLs that are wrapped by the security layer, and this fails.

DivXNetworks will be releasing SP2-compatible versions of affected products soon; we are currently working to provide a timely solution to our customers. Our recommended workaround for this problem has changed since your article was posted. Because of inconsistent behavior amongst different types of hardware and DEP settings, we now recommend disabling DEP until a new version of DivX is available.

News source: theinquirer


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