Metro 2033 formalized by THQ

In development for three years, the project Metro has now taken a more interesting turn. Developers Ukrainian 4A Games have partnership with THQ and the U.S. publisher has just made the point in a statement. Firstly, the project is renamed Metro 2033, more precise reference to the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

In addition to a PC version, the Ukrainians are also working on a milling Xbox 360 and both should be available simultaneously in early 2010. The graphics engine developed internally at 4A Games, the Game Engine 4A, is still valid, but it has evolved, particularly to better support PhysX technology at NVIDIA.

On the merits, however, few changes made: Metro 2033 is an action game for which the subjective mood plays a major role. Recall that the scenario takes place in 2033, 20 years after a nuclear Apocalypse while a few survivors found refuge in the depths of the Moscow metro. We represent one of them, Artyom, born a few days before the disaster, but far from high light.

Recently, the threat of mutants is increasingly high on the edge of the main metro stations and Artyom has no other choice but to go on an adventure for the salvation of what remains of humanity … We will soon be able to learn much, but we have an exclusive small trailer and three screenshots of story that you await!

Watch the Metro 2033 Gameplay Trailer.



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