Flickr introduced the identification of persons

On its official blog, the Flickr team announces the implementation of a new option to specify the names of those photographed. Baptized People in Pictures, this feature allows the user to select the face of a person and identified by adding its name from the list of contacts. The identification is in fact limited to the inputs of the address book to avoid typographical error that could undermine a user mistakenly labeled.

Facebook users know that the identification tools are double edged. Indeed, if they can have pictures of more interactive and richer, some will pass well to be identifiable in the photographs the most incriminating. For this reason, whenever the user has been tagged by one of his contacts, he will be notified in the stream of recent activities. Moreover, unlike Facebook, Flickr offers options for finer control of permissions identification.

The introduction of the People in Pictures should provide a gallery giant. Subsequently, one can imagine that for a given name, Yahoo! return the associated images in its search engine. Last week, Flickr said it had passed the 4 billion photos uploaded.


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