Silanis Announces New Electronic Signature Features for Thunderhead

Silanis Technology, the leader in electronic signatures, today announced that the latest version of ApproveIt Web Server contains new features that enable users of the Thunderhead NOW customer communication platform to more easily deploy electronic signatures and maintain compliant processes during electronic execution of financial transactions, such as mortgage loans, insurance applications and account openings.

Electronic signatures can now be automatically placed into PDF documents and forms generated by the Thunderhead NOW platform, greatly simplifying the maintenance of forms libraries. Moreover, the processes for executing compliant financial transactions and handling the changes, variations and exceptions that often occur are automated.

"Bringing financial services transactions online requires a high level of automation in two key areas: document generation and transaction execution," explains Tommy Petrogiannis, President and Co-Founder of Silanis. "Thunderhead NOW and ApproveIt Web Server have been integrated to ensure that both areas are properly addressed to minimize risks and costs for financial service providers."

Thunderhead NOW automatically generates the correct set of documents based on established business rules and other criteria specific to the transaction, including product, jurisdiction, language preference, channel or business partner and type of customer involved. With the new integration, Thunderhead is now also able to specify the location of required e-signature blocks for the ApproveIt Web Server.

ApproveIt Web Server then discovers signature placement and other data embedded in the PDF files generated by Thunderhead NOW and automatically determines the required number of signers, their roles and specified placement of the e-signatures, as well as any related data that needs to be provided during the execution process. In this manner, full compliance for the electronic execution of the financial transaction is assured.

"From its inception, Thunderhead NOW was uniquely designed to enable business users to create and personalize customer communications for delivery across all channels," said Thunderhead CEO Glen Manchester. "Making greater use of on-line customer communications continues to be a top priority for many of our clients worldwide, particularly in financial services. The integration of the ApproveIt Web Server with Thunderhead NOW provides a powerful new capability for these clients, greatly simplifying the process of creating and maintaining transactional documents and facilitating the execution of electronic transactions."


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