Ubuntu 9.10 Release Candidate Version

One week before the deadline, the Linux distribution Ubuntu 9.10 is available in a RC.

Ubuntu has recently celebrated his birthday. This is in effect five years since the first Linux distribution Ubuntu has appeared in the guise of a version 4.10 code named Warty Warthog. This publication took place October 20, 2004, and October 29, 2009 will be the entrance ramp of a version 9.10 aka Karmic Koala. The final stage of development was reached yesterday with the introduction of an online release candidate considered mature enough and stable to be tested by all.

To mark the release of this RC, the release notes make the point on the main novelties introduced since Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu 9.10 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.31 with the kernel mode setting enabled to entrust the management of graphics display modes to the kernel (boot smoother graphics), to optimize the time of standby / back. By default, the boot loader is GRUB 2 and the file system is proposed EXT4.

For Ubuntu 9.10, it is promised a startup time faster. The desktop environment is GNOME 2.28 that will be connected to a manager from GDM completely rewritten. The Human theme has been redesigned (the brown is darker and sober!) And a new set of icons Humanity was incorporated.

Among the few sights of Ubuntu 9.10, the Ubuntu Software Center to manage applications. This control center allows the installation, removal, upgrade software packages, and unveil its full potential with Ubuntu 10.04 in completely replace Synaptic, Gdebi.

The service file sharing Ubuntu One is present by default. It enables synchronization with other machines with the distribution. A free storage of 2 GB is available to all users.

The server version of Ubuntu includes images of virtual machines for use on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud and Amazon EC2. The AppArmor security solution has been improved and new profiles are added.

Recall also that Ubuntu 9.10 comes in several editions: Kubuntu (KDE 4.3), Xubuntu (Xfce 4.6), Edubuntu (free software for education), Mythbuntu (with MythTV media center oriented). Editing Ubuntu Netbook Remix is optimized for Intel Atom netbooks.



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