McAfee, Alcatel to introduce new Security tools

As worms and viruses continue to ravage the Internet, a security vendor and an infrastructure provider are employing new strategies to try to prevent initial infections and limit the damage of compromised networked machines.

McAfee Inc. and Alcatel USA Inc. are each introducing offerings this week that use policy-based frameworks and network monitoring to regulate which PCs are allowed onto networks. Each offering can detect noncompliant machines in real time and take a variety of actions to bring them into compliance or remove them.

Such a need is especially acute for IT managers, as some viruses, such as last week’s Bagle.AQ, are beginning to evade anti-virus software and firewalls.

Alcatel’s AQE (Automated Quarantine Engine) results from a partnership with security appliance vendor Sygate Inc. AQE combines Sygate’s host integrity technology with new Alcatel software and OmniSwitch dynamic VLAN (virtual LAN) capabilities, said Alcatel officials in Calabasas, Calif.

News source: eWeek


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